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What is HRMS?

For businesspeople, CRM is a daily part of their schedule. But what is CRM?

Human Resource Management System


HR work is more complex and involved today than it ever has been. There’s so much that goes into the management of employee information, which is used for everything from recruiting and hiring to training, evaluations, and so much more. The importance and manpower behind these tasks make it critical for human resources professionals to have HR management software for more efficient management of HR information.
A HRMS can be used in candidate recruiting, payroll management, leave approval, succession planning, attendance tracking, career progression, performance reviews, and the overall maintenance of employee information within an organization.


A modern CRM helps you and your team…

Issues related to skill gap, shortage of talent and alignment of employee objectives to business objectives are all, some of the challenges that pose a big threat to HR professionals. It gets very difficult for the HR to divert its mind from the regular work, such as management of payroll, performance or leave and attendance and focus more on the strategic side of the business.


Securing and storing data
The traditional method of storing employee and HR data was in the form of files and papers. Naturally, this required a lot of storage space. With time, this practice got replaced by spread sheets, which were prone to human errors. A good HRMS offers an answer to all these problems, allowing you to store unlimited employee data with security features that prevent sharing of the data with any third-party client. It also allows you to create documents and store them safely, which saves a lot of time that would have otherwise gone into sorting piles of files.
Employee self-service
The ESS systems allow the employees to post queries to HR on the server and apply for leaves and holidays. The staff members can also check their salary structure and manage their leaves. Earlier, the HR had to spend a lot of time attending to various employee queries, but now they can use this time to focus more on strategic planning.
Payroll management
Payroll processing is the most important task of the HR. It involves calculation of wage, bonuses and reimbursements, and also appraisals. The manual way of managing payroll processing involved use of pen and ink, calculators and spreadsheets. All of these were prone to mistakes and consumed a lot of time. Wrongly paid wages can lead to employee dissatisfaction and chaos. Kredily’s HRMS helps manage payroll processing in compliance with all statutory guidelines.
Leave and attendance management
No longer are the days of trying to guess if a sale was associated to a specific marketing campaign or another. With CRM, you can track digital marketing campaigns, associate leads to specific campaigns and follow that lead through the sales/marketing funnel in order to evaluate the return on investment.

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