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What is business automation?

Business automation tools use technology to take the manual labor out of day-to-day business processes. From human resources to sales to accounting, nearly every corner of a business’s operations can benefit from business automation.

Using business automation, companies can both eliminate the need for manual labor while improving and simplifying the individual steps that make up different processes. For example, by automating the preliminary job candidate selection process, companies can save significant manhours that would have otherwise been spent giving all received applications an initial review.

Much more than just replacing paper and PDFs with digitized data, business automation factors in the key steps in a company’s workflow and then makes these processes cheaper, faster and less error-prone. By bringing these processes onto one or more technology platforms, companies also get better reporting capabilities and the ability to analyze data over time, then use it for more informed decision-making.

What do we do?

Which tools you use to automate your business depends upon the specific processes that most need it. By mapping out your needs in advance, and by identifying the key areas of your business that are ripe for automation,
we choose or build the best solution for the specific problem.

When looking for areas to automate, we find the ones in which your
employees are:

  • Managing a high volume of repetitive tasks on a regular basis.
  • Working in large groups to get small tasks completed.
  • Missing deadlines due to lengthy, manual processes.
  • Trying their best, but still negatively impacting other business processes (e.g., sales campaigns that can’t be kicked off because marketing is taking too long to develop and send introductory emails).
  • In need of better compliance, audit and other paper trails.

With the help of automated softwares and ERP systems, we help companies eliminate data irregularity, minimize the time spent moving information across these systems and gain access to more accurate, real-time information. This gives them a holistic view of their operations and allows them to take full advantage of their automated systems’ capabilities.

TBS provides a single platform for both business and IT automation, helping organizations worldwide to automate both effectively. For example, a Content Writing Aggregator agency – ProjectVala used TBS software to automate its Annual Recurring Revenue of $50,000 USD.

how our Business Automation helped real estate company

Implementing project management, CRM and human resource management for a large scale real-estate enterprise.

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